Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Tip For White Eyeliner

This is a quick tip I just experimented with and picked up. It makes the whites of eyes look whiter. I like to use this when doing black eyeshadow all over the lid, since that look can kind of close in eyes and make them look smaller. It may take a bit of practice, but just apply carefully.

You are going to need a
white waterproof eye pencil for this look. I really like to use pencils that you can sharpen instead of twist ups, since its easier to keep them sanitary.
A bottle of 91% to 99% alcohol ( Try CVS)
A pencil sharpener

First make sure you spray your pencil and pencil sharpener with the Alcohol.
Next sharpen your pencil and wait a little while for the alcohol to completely evaporate ( about 20 seconds)
Then rub the tip of your pencil on a tissue to dull the tip ( this is for safety since you will be very close to the eyeball)

Now gently use your finger to pull down on your lower lid exposing the waterline( the inner rim of your lower eye above the lashes)
Now to accomplish the look use the white pencil to line the waterline on both eyes.

This will really add light to your eyes and brighten them right up!

For and extra effect try using the white pencil to highlight around the tear ducts. This is really great if you have close set eyes since it can make them look wider.

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