Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Bad Beauty Looks

10 common beauty mistakes.

1. Overly Tan Skin
Its leathery, rough and lacks a healthy glow. Be sure to use sun block to protect skin from harmful rays, Sun exposure will increase your chance of wrinkles, rough dry skin, sun spots, sun poisioning, burning, and even skin cancer. If you want a healthy glow then use BRONZER! I just had to include this picture.

2. Overly Plucked Eyebrows
*sigh*. We have all seen it. You know what it looks like and unfortinately its hard to convince them that the "always surprised" or " I stood too close to the fire" look Isn't very sexy. Over plucking of eyebrows was usually intentional by the plucker. Try to know better.

3. Dark Liner with Light Lipstick
Very porn star and not very natural or attractive. I don't even know how this look got started.

4. Female Mustache
O.K I know that you are born with those genes and will always have them, but please wax, bleach, pluck, whatever! cause its not very pretty and yes we can all see it!
yeah um no picture for this one. The close ups are weird.

5. Black drawn on eyebrows
I know that when you get older your eyebrows lighten and thin out but this doesn't help them look any more natural. Try using a dry eyeshadow in a more natural color close to your hair tone.

6. Yellow teeth
Many things can stain teeth. Be sure to pick up some crest white strips or even use a teeth whitening tooth paste and mouth wash. There are millions of products available to fix this problem.

7. Spider Eyes
aahhh! Lashes shouldn't look like your eyeballs have sprouted hairy spider legs. This look is often the result of too many coats of old clumpy mascara. To avoid this, throw out your mascara when it starts to get thick and sticky. Apply just a few coats and use an eyelash brush to separate lashes while they are still slightly wet. Also to increase the life of your mascara don't pump your mascara want in the tube. This will add air into the tube and dry out the product.

8. The foundation Line
This is the clear visible line you see at your jawline where your foundation ends. To avoid this look be sure to use a foundation that matches the skin on your neck. Blend Blend Blend Blend! I can't say it enough. Just Blend.

9. Too much foundation
I know that bad skin can be a hastle and the first reaction is to just pack on the foundation in hopes of covering it up. Cakey foundation will sit in fine lines and give skin a fake texture. Try to use foundation sparingly and fix problems individually with concealer. (please note: maybe your skin is bad because you pack on heavy foundation and the skin can't breath)

10. Too much blush
Blush is used to create a natural youthful flush to the skin. Too much blush makes you look like you just went through hours of strenuous activity... or like a hooker. Both are bad.

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Nick SantaCroce said...

Why you gotta hate on Donatella?

Rachel Bingham said...

She did this to herself

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