Sunday, September 12, 2010


If you or someone you know is considering Laser Hair Removal then it is imperative you have all the facts before you go in. Don't believe everything a Laser Hair Removal technician might tell you!

Laser Hair Removal was approved for permanent hair reduction in 1997. Key point being REDUCTION! It uses an Intense Pulsed light to remove hair through selective photothermolysis. This means that the light is melanin (pigment) seeking. The light scans the skin and targets areas of darker pigment ( hair) and then selectively heats the dark area to damage the hair follicle.

Since laser hair removal uses this method to distinguish hair from skin it is very important to find out if you are a desirable candidate for this procedure. A desirable candidate would be someone who is light skinned with darker coarse hair. If there is little variation between hair color and skin color then the laser has a difficult time differentiating between the two and can cause scaring.
Laser hair removal is a profit industry. These technicians are not doctors
(they my look like it) and unfortunately some will try to deceive you or leave out important facts in order to get more clients. Some of the most common mistakes they make is taking a client with the wrong hair/skin contrast or telling clients that the procedure will rid them of their hair. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method! laser hair removal is hair reducing and temporary!

For something with such serious consequences it is vital to have all of your facts before going to see a Laser Hair removal Specialist. If this treatment is not for you then there are other forms of hair removal, which I will be giving information on in the following blogs to come!