Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medicine Cabinet Beauty Miracles

If you don't already have these items in your medicine cabinet, then here are some beauty related reasons to run out and get them now!

by Oil
Also comes in Lavender scent.
*Use after shower for extra smooth and moisurized skin!
put into a spray bottle and spray on skin after shower while skin is still damp. Rub in and then pat try with towel
*If you wax at home, then use baby oil to remove extra wax from skin and work area.
*Use baby oil before shaving legs for extra protection from razor irritation and dry skin.
* Apply after doing the dishes while hands are still damp to protect them from the drying effects of dish soap
*Use baby oil with a straight pin to untangle necklaces.
*Use to remove eye makeup and condition eyes. Won't cause burning like other eye make-up removers
* Great for massages! so treat your love to one! or even better, have them treat you to one!

Baby Gel
Great for all above uses but less greasy
*also great to mix with bronzing powder to create a bronzing body moisturizer. ( great way to add a hint of color without the side effects from the sun)

Baby Powder
* Removes oil from greasy hair while restoring volume (best on light colored hair)
* Can be use in between and before mascara to thicken lashes

*Gets the red out of eyes AND zits
* You can mix this with eyeshadow to create a long lasting cake eyeliner

*Use to remove eye make-up
*Under eye night cream
*Mix with lipstick for a tinted lip balm
*Use with eyeshadow to create a cream eyeshadow.
*Use in places where perfume is applied to make the sent stay on skin longer.

Preparation H

* Great for removing puffiness under eyes. (cream form works best)

*Dissolve in water and apply to zit to reduce swelling

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