Friday, May 1, 2009


Look but, DON'T TOUCH
Things that look sexy but aren't very inviting for intimate situations.
Part 1

First lets talk about Lip Gloss. Oh those sexy shiny goddess lips that perk pout and shine our mouths, begging to be kissed. I’m not knocking the lip-gloss and am a big fan of it myself, but I think just like anything it has a time and a place. This stuff is perfect for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or a social event. Just leave it at home if you are in a situation that might call for a goodnight kiss or smooching with you hubby/ boyfriend. Men want to remember a kiss as being sensual and soft. Not goopy and sticky. If after kissing your guy is wearing just as much pucker pigment as you then its time to opt for a more kiss friendly alternative. I suggest buffing and moisturizing you lips at home before hand. Simply slather on your favorite lip moisturizer let it set, then take a toothbrush and softly exfoliate lips. This will give you a soft and smooth mouth. If you would like to add a little color then use a tint or stain and top with a sheer chap stick. Of course if you are one of those women who has the oral fixation of constantly applying lipstick, gloss in the bathroom (or even at the dinner table, you know who you are) Then carry a flavored chap stick with you. These are also available with a slight tint for added sexiness. *Bonne Bell offers many of these and they come in assorted flavors including as orange soda, cherry coke or even dr. pepper. This will be much nicer for pucker time since your partner will be able to enjoy a tasty treat instead of a mouth full of goo.

*Bonne Bell flavored Chap Stick

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